Denna Healthcare



Denna main business includes development, manufacturing, marketing, distribution, and export of a wide range of human pharmaceutical.

Denna maintains a robust product portfolio that offers a wide range of much needed pharmaceutical therapies and treatments.With a strong product pipeline strategy, Denna currently has more than 30 new product at various stages of registration that were carefully selected in order to address many un-met therapeutic needs, such as high prevalence diseases and other diseases of high national interest. Denna’s product portfolio and product pipeline will endure further expansions for many years to come and will continue to play a major role in driving growth and in increasing shareholders’ value

Our Company belive in


Our mission is to provide the global population with access to every available form of medication that will help them lead long and healthy lives.


our goal is to know the exact need of our customers and provide products and services to their complete satisfaction.


Quality Control (QC) team ensures the delivery of high standard products by conducting step by step review.